34-th Panhellenic Statistics Conference (GSI2022)


The Panhellenic Statistics Conference, organized annually by the Greek Statistical Institute (GSI), will be held in Athens from 19 to 22 of May, 2022. GSI is the scientific union of Greek Statisticians, and aims to promote the theory of Statistics and its proper use (   

The 34-th Panhellenic Statistics Conference (GSI2022) will be held at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), through collaboration between the GSI and the Institute for Design and Analysis of Experiments (IDAE) ofthe University Research Centre of AUA.

More than 120 researchers, scientists, and students from Greece and abroad, are expected to attend the Conference. Moreover, the Conference is expected to attract the interest of Organizations, Banks, and private Companies. The main theme of the Conference is

«Statistics and Experimental Sciences»

and it will be dedicated to

  • the role of statistics in the development of Agricultural sciences and all Experimental sciences, and the role of Agricultural Research in the development of the Theory and Methodology of Statistics. To this end, special sessions with «discussants» will be held, with participants coming mainly from AUA, and topics from the Agricultural Sciences, which contribute to the approach or/and the choice of methodological tools for experiments’ design and data analysis.

Emphasis will be given to

  • the value of scientific research tools during pandemics. To this end, special sessions and actions will be held, which will explain simply the «statistics of the pandemic», and «how science works» - how causation is proved. Therefore, the 34-th Panhellenic Statistics Conference aims to «open up scientists to the society». Such an attempt is necessary during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, since the credibility and even the importance of science are doubted.

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Institute for Design and Analysis of Experiments (IDAE) was established in 2019 under the University Research Centre of Agricultural University of Athens (AUA).
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